Rolling into the New Year

Rolling into the new year, amidst piles and piles of snow! It came on suddenly, long after Christmas, when my California heart started thinking about daffodills and the greens of Spring. That might come in Santa Cruz in February, but it not here in the frozen Northeast.

Again, though, the colors of nature are what strike me, after the initial shock of the frigid temperatures. The presnow skies have had the softest pastel grays and oranges, and the most striking cornflower blue. There are mounds of white all around, and the stormy skies come in hues of gray, from a whisper to gun-metal. I'm struck by combinations of color I wouldn't have thought to put together. 

I've been seeking out the subtle grays of labradoritre, the whites of pearls and moonstone, and the blues of iolite. The softly green aquamarine lends the quality of frozen water. I am loving the icy effect, but still. Can't help thinking of those daffodills and those greens of Spring!

Just a little shot of my work station today

Just a little segment of my work station today- finished work, work in progress and inspirations!

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A new year always good for us and we do our parties with friends and family. I get some masks from so we also visit the beach.
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