Is Spring Coming?

It's hard to beleive Spring is just around the corner! But it is. According to the calendar, anyway!
 We can't wait to get outside, and to not be wearing multiple layers here on the inside, except maybe layers of pearls!

Here at the studio, we are working on thoughts of Spring, starting with pearls for all those Spring weddings.

Pearls are so beautiful. The luster and warmth of them. The simple elegance. I love how they can evoke an image of conservatism, or propriety, but then you can layer them up and wear them with something risque, and they become classically naughty.

Think Jackie O:    

And Marilyn Monroe:

Funny how I chose two women on opposite sides of a love affair with the same man to illustrate the opposite sides of the allure of pearls, but I digress...

My point is, pearls are both innocent, and the opposite of innocent, and I love that about them!

Here are a few examples of Violet Drury Designs pearl creations.

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