Spring and Summer coming at ya!

Spring is here! So they say!

Today, April 30, I have on a turtleneck, long jeans and a sweater. It's chilly!

But Saturday, April 28, it was a glorious Spring day, and also the first outdoor show of outdoor show season, The Wickenden Area Merchants Association Makers and Merchants Sidewalk Sale. 

We love this show! First of all, Wickenden Street in Providence, RI, is a cool street with great restaurants and interesting shops. Second of all, it is really well organized! And we who do festivals and fairs really appreciate a well organized show! Makes life so much easier for everyone!

Thirdly, the people who come out are friendly, interested and supportive! 

There are so many more reasons to love this event. We are looking forward to the one in October and hope you'll come and join us.

We are gearing up for our outdoor season, and have added a few events already. Please check for up coming shows on the "Where to Buy" tabs.

We put a lot of effort into making our booth look inviting, and be a pleasurable place to browse our current works! We change it up a little every show, but the theme is constant- a blending of textures and traditional props mixed with things from the natural world, such as rocks from the beach, plants and flowers.

We love meeting our customers, so hope to see you at some of these outdoor events!

Check the tab "Where to Buy" for our current events! We are adding new ones all the time!

And don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for really up to date information!



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